Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pawsome Pet Pictures: Actress Phyliss Gordon out shopping with her pet cheetah, 1939.

Phyllis Gordon (October 17, 1889 – October 16, 1964). She performed in 50 silent era and sound era motion pictures between 1911 and 1941. She was born in Suffolk, Virginia, and died at age 74 in Sonoma, California.

Gordon was photographed walking a pet cheetah on a London shopping street.

Best Known Films: Calamity Anne's Beauty (1913), In the Secret Service (1913), The Werewolf (1913) and Another Thin Man (1939).


  1. Welcome back! Nice to see you online again. :) I saw your note on Rick's Build-Your-Own blogathon post.

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    P.S. I quite like the Phyllis Gordon's outfit in the photo you posted...minus the dead fox collar. :)

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