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Homecoming(1948). Romantic/drama starring Clark Gable and Lana Turner. It was the third of their four films together: Honky Tonk, 1941, Somewhere I’ll Find You, 1942, Betrayed, 1954.

In each film, they were each others on again, off again romantic interest. Another common theme to all four movies: where an injured, dying, or gravely ill Lana, is comforted by the very handsome Clark.

A fun fact in the film Betrayed, is Lana not a blonde, it is also the only technicolor movie of the collection.

Also, during filming of Somewhere I’ll Find you, Carole Lombard was killed in a plane crash. She was racing home to California from a War Bond drive to a make sure that, her husband, Gable, would not fall under the spell of, Lana Turner.

The movie Homecoming(1948), begins as a war weary American surgeon Ulysses Johnson, just returning back from World War II. Sitting on the transport boat waiting to be taken home, when he is asked about his experiences during the war. Johnson, begins to think back....

To when he worked as chief surgeon at a hospital and decides to join the Army. At cocktail party with his wife Penny, Dr. Robert Sunday, accuses Johnson of being a "floor flusher".

Still upset from the argument the previous evening.... Johnson, boards a transport ship, where he meets Lt. Jane "Snapshot" McCall . They start off on the wrong foot and he is surprised to learn that she is going to be his nurse..

After taking a trip to bathe, Johnson and Snapshot come back to the base to find that Sergeant Monkevickz, is dying from a malaria. Johnson, then remembers back to his argument with Dr. Sunday, who informed him that people in Chester Village, were dying from malaria and were not being properly taken care of. Johnson, being over worked tells Snapshot that he felt he could have done more to help save his life..

Because of what Penny, has read in her husbands letters, she becomes jealous of Snapshot and believes that Johnson and Snapshot are having an affair. The truth is... Johnson and Snapshot have grown closer and when she is reassigned to a different post, she and Johnson kiss good-by.

They meet again in Paris, but leave to rescue the 299th division, which has fallen under attack of enemy fire in the Battle of the Bulge. Will they survive to return home to their past lives and loved ones?

I really enjoyed Lana Turner's, performances in the unglamorous role of Jane "Snapshot" McCall. Very different from other roles she had played in the forties. Also, a more serious role for Cark Gable. Anne Baxter starred with husband John Hodiak, as he played her friend who listened to her concerns over Snapshot and her characters husbands relationship. (pictured below)

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